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Linda Marrical, ABT
The Taoist Healing Sound for Shock and Disassociation

The Healing Sound for shock and disassociation

Heart and Small intestine, Pericardium and Triple Warmer are the organs associated with the fire element. For the purpose of the healing sounds, heart is the vital organ we will be focusing on. The manifest aspect of nature for the Fire element is heat and illumination, and the energetic tendency is growth and connection. In Classical Chinese medicine, there is also an aspect of personality that corresponds to each of the five elements and the vital organs. The aspect of personality for Fire is called the Shen. The Shen is how we interact with the world around us, as it represents our relationships. It is the connection of our inner “parts”, to the outer world around us. Because it resides in the heart, it might be confused with “Self” energy as described in the IFS psychotherapy model, or the soul as described by many religions; the grounded essence of our being that exists beneath our many parts.  In Taoism, aspects of personality like the Shen and Po are the way that “Self” energy, or the soul navigates a conventional world and is a part of every one of our parts, including “Self”. The association of illumination for the Shen is that the Shen is our awareness on every level; physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.  In Taoism, the Shen is also believed to carry the experiences of our ancestors. It is through our awareness that we share our gifts with the world around us. When there are sudden and traumatic events we can experience shock, causing the energy to scatter in the body. As a result, we lose our connection of the five senses, disconnecting us from the outer world. Shocking events can range from accidental injuries to complex trauma, and depending on the level of trauma that scattering can cause parts of us to become isolated in our inner system and stuck in the traumatic event. When those parts are triggered by new experiences they respond from where they are stuck, and our experience of the outer world is disconnected and disassociated. Instead of experiencing our life s as a co-creative, interactive process where we manifest our inner gifts and talents in the outer world, we are stuck in place where it feels as though the same events occur over and over, beyond our control to change.  When we are disconnected from the Shen this can manifest on the body with difficulty sleeping, feeling “spaced out”, headaches, pain in the chest and back of the shoulder area, multiple accidental injuries and all over aches and pain. The healing sound for the heart will help settle the scattered energy, bringing disassociated parts back to the present experience.  It will help us to reconnect through our senses to the world around us as it is presently occurring, allowing us to be in relationship joyfully and fully.

Associations of the fire element are:

·         Color – red

·         Sound – laughing

·         Odor – scorched

·         Tendency – connection, illumination, growth

·         Taste – bitter

·         Sense – touch

·         Sense organ – tongue

·         Climate – hot and comfortable

·         Fortifies – vascular system

·         Vital organ – heart

·         Hollow organ – small intestine

·         Lesser fire vital organ – pericardium

·         Lesser fire hollow organ (function) – triple warmer (regulation of respiration, digestion, elimination)

·         Season – summer

·         Time of day – noon


Video Healing Sound for Heart and Shock

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